Welcome to Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona and welcome to the first activity of our «Building Bridges week programme»!

We have designed an interactive map to help you find and meet the most beautiful and interesting places of the old Barcelona city. This is not a contest nor a race so, please, take your time and enjoy the city.

However we need your colaboration so here you have some useful suggestions:

  • You can open this map in your browser by clicking here.
  • Or click and hold here if you prefer to open in with Google Maps in your smartphone (recommended).
  • You will find a menu on your left to hide/show the different informations on the map: checkpoints, interesting streets, places to eat, meeting points…
  • Checkpoints have been chosen because they are places of special cultural, artistic, historic or touristic interest. If you click on them in the map you will open a window with at least a photo and a link to a website with info about the point. Visit as many checkpoints as you can.
  • However we have chosen lovely checkpoints ♥ and ♥ lovely streets . All the teams must visit all these places because they are the most interesting ones and because we need you to do some homework about them:
    • When clicking on them your group will find a link to complete a challenge. In each challenge you will be required to answer a few questions and take some photos or videos.
    • You will need to send us the photos or videos that you take because many of them will be included in our final lipdub at the end of the week. If you might find some difficulties to send them just keep them in your devices and we will manage with that issue at Sariñena.
  • In addition to those photos each team will have to:
    • Take a photo or short video with its members building a bridge. Use your imagination.
    • Take a photo or short video including the members of the group and the word «Barcelona».
    • Take a photo or short video with, at least, one of the members of the group wearing something red and blue. Here you have an alternative: one of the members can wear something red and blue and other can wear something white.
  • Blue lines will lead you to reach most of the checkpoints, however you do not need to strictly follow them. Make your own way on the spot and enjoy the city!

Finally you can find in this link «Introduction to Spanish«, a brief handbook made by spanish students that may help you this week.