Welcome to Sariñena


Hi, we like to introduce a walking tour for the Tuesday evening. To begin with, we will select the link that it is shown in this web page “Sariñena route”.

The activity consists of getting to different checkpoints and answering a questionnaire. Thanks to this information you will know some pieces of history of Sariñena. Apart from that, the teachers will give some extra information about interesting facts of the village.

The route starts at 17:00 in the Church Square. From this point we are moving to other sites while we will be completing the questionnaire. After completing the tour in the village, we are heading for the La Laguna Interpretation Centre, continuing along the road. This is a beautiful spot to observe natural wildlife. This will be the last checkpoint with other questions to complete.

The guided tour will end about 18.30.Then you will have free time. Get back to the village and hang out before dinner time.

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