Welcome to Huesca

This is the activity for the Thursday afternoon. The activity begins at 17:00 at probably will end about 18:30. In this walking tour the Spanish students will be the guides giving a brief introduction to each monument, then in groups you will complete a questionnaire about the local history.

There are two routes, the first one commences at Navarra Square, from this point we will move to the Park and finally we will end up in the Olimpia Theatre. In each checking point marked in the map with a heart, there will be a brief explanation by some of your beloved hosts and some questions you have to answer with your mobile phone.

The second route marked in the map, will lead you from the Olimpia Theatre to the Cathedral square. When we reach the Cathedral and after the explanations and the questions, you have two possibilities: visit the Cathedral or the Museum, which is not far away from this place, or move to the local shops to buy some souvenirs or whatever you like.

After the free time around Huesca, we will meet at 19:00 at the Bus Station. It is also indicate in the map in case you needed. Then back to Sariñena.

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